Sharks Coaching Philosophy

Falling in love with the game comes from trusting your teammates and coaches to work hard on and off the field to achieve success.


Love to Play

Loving to play is our ultimate goal.  Competing, developing and winning together as a team should be FUN!



Trust is built through respect and  communication. Teammates work with each other; coaches work for the team; and together they work to achieve their goals.  Trust is built in a respectful, challenging environment.


Hard Work

Hard work is the foundation for growth.  Every player benefits from working hard. Through hard work players will be pushed to recognize their true potential. Players will challenge each other to be the best they can be on and off the field.



Success is not measured in wins and losses.  Success is a team of empowered, motivated, self-confident young women bonded through their love of the game and accomplishing their goals together.



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