Wildcats Lacrosse

2026/2027 Club Team

Season Overview

The WAYS 2020/2021 lacrosse season will consist of the following program(s) to maximize individual and team development for the season:

Practices: Fall 2020 team practice were held twice per week (team practice/weekly stick skills ) starting in early September through the end of October. These sessions ran 90 minutes.  One 90 minute practice each week over 10 weeks in the Winter (on Saturday mornings).  Spring (specifics to be determined – 90 minute practices);

Two (2) Fall tournaments

Three (3) Summer tournaments

League Games: Fall: Howard County Club League; Spring – NGLL travel team league.

Yoga/Mindfulness: ten (10) 60 minute sessions with a professional yoga/mindfulness instructor.

Game Video Footage Review: throughout the season, coaches will share game video through HUDL with players and full team game footage review sessions.



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